A Valentine from Thornton’s Budgens

There may be those who think it’s all passé
And done by very few,
But wouldn’t you like someone on this day
To show they care for you ?

Well, now’s your chance to prove to those you love
That your love for them’s real.
Mere thoughts of love are fine but not enough
To make known how you feel.

And, fortunately, now you’re at our store,
You’ve found the right place here :
For Valentine’s Day we have goods galore
Gathered from far and near :

Cards perhaps ? Yes, we’ve got them. Chocolates
In heart-shaped boxes ? Yes !
Intimate meals for two ? Use your best plates !
Plus wine for your success.

Not to forget love’s emissaries : flowers.
In fact, everything to
Help fill with joy your Valentine’s Day hours
Budgens now offers you !

Robert Ilson,
Poet Laureate