About Us

Andrew 2 copyI really believe that food stores should be a central part of our community, just as food is such a central part of our lives. For me, being a more sustainable retailer involves embracing your community, being environmentally aware and caring about our people.

At our very heart is our essence “Your community supermarket that really cares”.

At Thornton’s Budgens, we celebrate food, we celebrate people and we care about our planet.

We believe that what we offer is unique. Where else can you walk to a local independent store and get pretty much everything you need under one roof, have it delivered (free) and walk home…?

Our mix of local foods from small producers and big brand products mean we cover the whole spectrum of your shopping needs.

Cooks copyWith our Fresh Fish counter, over 300 cheeses and countless meats and anti pasta from our Deli, meat from the Hampstead Butcher, our Ginger and Lime Juice bar and a huge array of seasonal, exotic and everyday fruit and Vegetables.

Almost 30 of our suppliers are from London and many are from Camden itself – you can’t get more local than that!

FFTS copyWith Food from the Sky, we were the first retailer in the world to grow our own fruit and veg on its roof. Through Pennies for Plastic we have saved over 12.5 million carrier bags and raised £125,000 for over 45 local charities and community projects. We were the first supermarket to put doors on our chillers and are now inspiring others to follow where we have led. We now use less than 50% of the energy that we did four years ago.


Sadly, following the sale of our Crouch End store, Food from the Sky closed down.

Our intention at Thornton’s Budgens is to put people and the planet first trusting that profit will follow.

Within this, is our aim that:Simon Community3 copy

•   Every team member at Thornton’s Budgens has a fulfilling job.
•   The families of Thornton’s Budgens team are positively impacted.
•   The customers of Thornton’s Budgens have a joyful experience.
•   The community of Belsize is positively impacted by what we do.
•   The planet is positively impacted by what we do.
•   We inspire others by what we do and who we are.

It is only you who can tell us whether we deliver on our intentions, and indeed whether we deserve the title, ‘Your community supermarket that really cares.’

Do let me know!

Warm Wishes
Andrew Thornton