“Our purpose is very clear – We are the Community Supermarket that Really Cares about People & Planet. What this means and how we implement it is contained in our Manifesto”. Andrew Thornton

At our very heart is our essence “Your community supermarket that really cares”

I created Thornton’s Budgens in 2006 as I wanted to develop a different type of business, one that cares about people and planet,  one that wasn’t just about profits for shareholders and a business with a heart where everyone who works there can be themselves and express their unique talents. 
Over the last 13 years we have evolved how we deliver our purpose “We are the community supermarket that really cares about people and planet”. To ensure that we fully live this, we have now developed our Manifesto which is outlined below- this describes how we aspire to be and with these aspirations how we create our store here in Belsize Park.
I hope that you feel we are delivering our Manifesto and look forward to any feedback you have to help us keep developing. 
Warm wishes 
Andrew Thornton
Thorntons Budgens Manifesto April 2019