Mamajaan’s Curry Sauce only started because of Thornton’s Budgens

I started after speaking to Jim about the sauces and with his help
and Neil’s help I managed to develop the brand, soon they were sitting
in Fortnum and Mason and all good independent food stores, the brand
got loads of publicity after that and now in a couple of weeks they
will be launched nationally with Ocado…this is all thanks to your store.

Anjam, Owner of Mamajaan’s


Really love the Sustainability Agenda, excellent work!

Local Customer


First of all I would like to express my compliments for your supermarket, the service and food choice is really good

Local Customer



So this is my question:

I understand Budgens is a franchise, but how have you managed to create something along the lines of Fortnum and Mason Food Hall in Belsize Park with great customer service and gorgeous fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish, while in East Finchley we have a pathetic excuse for a Londis with overpriced rubbish and hardly any choice of produce, not to mention fruit and veg that always looks well after its sell by date / best before!

I’m just jealous.




Why Budgens ?  Well, because it’s where

The choice is great, the prices fair,

The staff adroit beyond compare.

Robert Ilson,

Poet Laureate