Andrew on the Today Programme discussing HOPE

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With people feeling the pinch, and some feeling slightly disconnected from their donations to charity. Cash flow to charities has somewhat ebbed recently.
We worked with JWT advertising to come up with a solution. We came up with the idea of selling blocks of “Hope” ultimately transforming hope into  something far more tangible. A commodity.
Julian Baggini, editor-in-c hief of The Philosophers Magazine: “[human beings] find it difficult to get our head around abstract things like hope” so by making it concrete and tangible it helps us feel our actions are contributing.”
These blocks really allows us to sell hope as a physical object. The cumulative effect is a generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Society.  The society  funds research and provide patient care.  On the first day we sold a 100 of these and we have continued to sell these to all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Listen to Andrew on The Today Programme discussing how we are raising money for charities in our communities.

Buy some hope! Have a listen here.

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