Burns Night with Budgens

This is the night when one and all
Turn Scot and to each other call
To gather in both croft and hall
Whate’er the weather
That they may toast with “Cheers !” or “Skol !”
Their time together.

And here at Budgens you will find
Scots food and drink of every kind
Displayed with a forethoughtful mind
To help you choose
What suits you best and is designed
To beat the blues.

We’ve neeps and tatties by the score
(‘Turnips’ and ‘spuds’) – and much much more –
For hearty haggises galore :
Try them. You’ll see
How they will make your spirits soar
You’ll soon agree.

We’ve venison, porridge, oatcakes, cheese
From bonny Scotland you to please
And if they do not your mind ease
You might decide
It’s time that you your thirst appease
With Scotland’s pride :

Whisky ! which burnishes the heart
And banishes from every part
For a wee while all ache, all smart,
Cares and concerns
So we may celebrate the art
Of Rabbie Burns.

Rabbie Ilson,
Budgens’ Makar