Dziugas tasting

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Legendary Cheese DŽIUGAS® – Time to Taste, Time to Appreciate!

DŽIUGAS has a trademark flavour that is easy to recognise at every stage of maturity.   The different stages or ages at which it is sold are:  ‘mild’ (over 12 months), ‘piquant’ (over 18 months), ‘delicate’ (over 24 months) and ‘gourmet’ (over 36 months old).  As the cheese ages and ripens, the quality and flavour is improved and the characteristic taste deepens and develops.

We‘re waiting for you at cheese Dziugas@ tasting on November 25th 17-20 pm; 26th 10-13 am; 29th 16:30-19:30 pm 30th 12:00-15:00 pm  30th 16:30-19:30pm.dziuuuug

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