Easter with Your Budgens : Bunnies and Eggs

Our Easter Bunnies are unique :
They hatch from Easter Eggs.
Breaking their shells away they hop
Upon their springy legs.

When they have hopped a bit they stop
To munch a Brussels Sprout
Whereupon from their furry backs
A pair of wings pop out !

Even the Bunnies are amazed
To find that they can fly.
Leaping as high as high they can
They soar into the sky.

They swoop and flap about a while –
As airborne Rabbits do –
Finally, though, they settle down
To cuddling up with you.

Do you have Doubts ? Put Easter Eggs
In a propitious spot :
Probably you’ll see Bunnies hatch
— Or possibly you’ll not.

Happy Easter to All Our Friends !

Robert Ilson,
Poet Laureate