Our commitment to the community and the environment

Given our purpose that We are the Community Supermarket that Really Cares about People & Planet, care from our environment has always been high on our agenda.
Some of our milestones include:
2007: We were the first UK supermarket to stop giving away free carrier bags, launching Pennies for Plastic which raised over £125,000 for local charities between 2007 and 2012.
2009: We were one of the first supermarkets in the world to put doors on our chillers, and using a case study prove to other retailers globally that they did not lose sales by doing this. Doors on supermarket chillers are slowly becoming the norm on new stores.
2010: We opened Food from the Sky, a farm on the roof of our Crouch End Store where the community could grow food that we sold in the store downstairs (alas we had to sell the store in 2013 and the new owners closed it).
2011: We formed a partnership with CentrePoint to ensure that no edible food was thrown out and currently have a charity that comes and collects it. As well as this we recently started selling our wonky fruit and veg in a box for customers to buy at a reduced price.
2014: We started to develop our Heart in Business approach.
2018: We became the first UK supermarket (and only the second in the world) to launch plastic free zones, with c.1,800 plastic free products. At the latest count (2nd of September 2019), we have 2,380 plastic free products and we are aiming for 3000 by the end of this year. All our press coverage can be found here, and a page dedicated to our plastic free zones can be found here. Please note that we are currently updating our website and we will have our press page completed soon.
2019: We opened dedicated vegan sections as we were aware of the growing impact meat and dairy products have on our carbon footprint.