Thornton’s Budgens on ITV Tonight Programme!


We were on the ITV Tonight programme (aired on Jan 17, 7:30pm) on the issue of food waste and how much supermarkets waste.

We put no food into landfill and our aim is to throw away no edible food.

What isn’t bought by customers and ‘expires’ is offered to One Support. An organisation in Belsize Park which aims to reintroduce homeless adults to living independently. What we contribute allows Martin (the manager) and his team to run cooking classes and breakfast clubs.

If for some reason there is still anything left over, our waste contractor turns it into electricity!

So hopefully you can see we’ve thought this through and take this very seriously.

Click here to watch us on ITV player online – it’s online for just a month (16/02/12) so be quick!!


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“Unfortunately a year on since this was filmed, Food Waste in the UK is still a very real concern. Recent press coverage has highlighted the need for urgent action from supermarkets and big brands, as well as a call for education on how to shop and cook sensibly to save money and food waste. We have been saying this for a long time, and are still very proud to be putting NO food waste in to landfill.

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