Food From The Sky


With Food from the Sky, we at Thornton’s Budgens were the world’s first supermarket to grow its own fruit and vegetables on its roof. Founded by Azul-Valerie Thome and Andrew Thornton, Food from the Sky was a collaboration between us at Thornton’s Budgens and the local community at Crouch End, to grow healthy food and inspire a sustainable relationship with food in our cities and with our supermarkets.

We grew fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits to organic standard. We harvested every Friday and then sold them just 10 metres food-from-the-skybelow the store! The project was a non-profit venture with all proceeds from sale of products planted straight back into the garden. This project could not have been made possible were it not for the many dedicated and passionate volunteers that worked tirelessly with us.

In addition to growing food, the roof garden was used for running educational programmes for individuals, schools and organisations; local residents and schools were also encouraged to undertake their own growing projects.

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At thornton’s Budgens our impact on the environment, our community and the wider world is very much at the forefront of what we do; with the aim of lowering our carbon footprint and inspiring others to do the same motivating us every step of the way. Before long, the project had inspired the local community and organisations such as The Soil Association and the London School of Economics who as a result were also looking to build their own urban gardens.

In March 2014 Food from the Sky at Crouch End closed until food-from-the-sky-T-crk7KJfurther notice for essential repairs work of the roof. But Food from the Sky lives on and from it other like minded projects have been born including Keats Community Organic, a organically certified urban farm right by a housing estate in South London.

Food from the Sky’s Journey – Crouch End to Belsize Park

We hope you enjoy this short film of Andrew Thornton taking Food from the Sky’s chive, mint and strawberry plants grown on roof at Crouch End’s store to their new home at our Belsize Park’s store.

For more about Food from the Sky, visit the website.