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A fantastic, unique range of teas-

Say hello to Hampstead Tea. A unique range of tea’s which are a fantastic find in our store.

Their focus is creating teas that are organic, fair-trade and come from natural and sustainable resources. Also their teas are Bio-Dynamicaly farmed.

You might be wondering exactly just what Bio-Dynamicaly farmed teas mean. Bio-Dynamic farming refers to putting more in then you take out when producing the tea leafs. It also means that the animals, people, plants and soil all work together to create a forever living environment.

Their story-

Hampstead Tea’s journey started out in 1989 when Kiran Tawadey and Rajah Banerjee met, yearning to create natural, sustainable teas. Two years later, the Makaibary Tea estate got Organically certified. Two years further to that, they became the first Bio dynamic tea certified estate in the world.

Armed with 5 chests of tea from the Makaibary Estate, Kiran was able pack the tea into paper sachets, and sell them to health shops around North London.

Since then, Hampstead Tea’s have been doing so well, Prince Charles awarded them the ‘Best Category’ for their Darjeeling Whole Leaf Loose Tea at the Organic Food Awards. 

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