Do you want to work for a company with a Heart?

Front of storeThornton’s Budgens is ‘The Community Supermarket that really Cares” based in Belsize Park, North London. We believe in the principle that if you ‘put people and the planet first, profit will follow’.

We have six guiding principles:

  1. Every team member at Thornton’s Budgens has a fulfilling job.
  2. The families of Thornton’s Budgens team are positively impacted.
  3. The customers of Thornton’s Budgens have a joyful experience.
  4. The community of Belsize is positively impacted by what we do.
  5. The planet is positively impacted by what we do.
  6. We inspire others by what we do and who we are.

What this means in principle is:

  • Every member of our team have an input into the decision making of their departments and we have a Company Council where selected team members are in effect part of the board of the company and its decision making processes.
  • We are committed to our local community and are a key part of it. The support of our community is so strong that when Tesco announced they were going to open a store 100 metres away from us, the whole community protested. The protests were so strong that Tesco in the end withdrew. The same happened when Sainsbury’s tried.
  • We care about the environment: We have energy efficient lighting, doors on our chillers and recently introduced plastic free bays .
  • Thornton’s Budgens is the founder of and the case study for Heart in Business Limited, a movement designed to inspire and advise other companies to become more heartful (check out

If you are interested in being considered for a post at Thornton’s Budgens, please send your cv to along with no more than 2 paragraphs as to why you think you would be a good addition to the team at Thornton’s Budgens.