Mother’s Day

Now Mums and Dads, your girls and lads
Will show you how they care
For you who brought them into life,
Then brought them up to where

They’re able to express their love
Not just with gifts and cards
But with a smile and with a hug
That say more than what bards

Can write.  These days you Mums and Dads
Come in all shapes and sizes,
But even so you ought to know
You deserve Nobel Prizes:

One Nobel Prize for Parenting
Your children towards their dream,
One Nobel Prize for Partnering
The Partner in your team.

So here at last is your reward:
What’s best to drink and eat.
You’re worth it Mum, you’re worth it Dad:
You’re part of the Elite!

Intimate meals or family feasts
Whatever’s right for you
Is here – because we Budgens folk
Have kids and parents, too!

Robert Ilson,
Poet Laureate