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Nataliya Kim, Project Manager, officially opening our vegan sections.

Once we had gotten over the rush that came from launching our plastic free bays, we started to look for our next project. We wanted to do something that would help our people and planet approach to running our store.  

As a store, we are constantly aware of the impact companies like us have on the environment. For example, our care for less waste and our eco friendly products push. This is why we launched our plastic free bays packaging many of our products in plastic alternatives in November of last year and put doors on all our chiller fridges and moved to more energy efficient lighting a few years ago.

What we saw when we did our research was the impact the meat and dairy industries had on the environment, and how we could help move things in the right direction in that area of retail.

Of course, we knew making changes like that would require us to do something big.

Thats why we decided on the 11th of May to introduce dedicated Vegan areas .

If you come into our store, you’ll find over 800 vegan products throughout the different aisles.

If you head towards the deli area in the store, you’ll come across the wide range of chilled vegan products we have including different cheeses, sauces and meat alternatives.  

Nataliya Kim, Project Manager, along with others involved in the vegan launch by the chilled vegan section.

Head towards the baking section and you’ll find an area containing Vegan products ranging from pasta, meatsballs and sauces all the way to chocolate and biscuits.

Nataliya Kim, Project Manager, with Owner Andrew Thornton and Co Leader Surma Bagum talking about the impact of eating meat on the planet.

How about some frozen vegan products like ready meals and ice-cream? Head to our last aisle and check out our extensive range there. 

Parvin Nessa, who is responsible for ordering our frozen produce proudly showing off her vegan range.

We do have other Vegan products outside of these areas as well so look out for them too. They will be marked with special labeling.

Nataliya Kim- Project Manager

“We are bombarded with different facts about what kind of things have more impact on our health but my view is that to use vegan products not just has a huge benefits for our health and the environment as whole but also enriches our palate.”

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