One Billion Rising! And Us … Dancing!

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Here at Thornton’s Budgens, we joined others all over the world from The Whitehouse to the streets, to rise up and make a stand against violence against women.

We rose to show the world that we want to end violence against one billion women and girls! By being a part of One Billion Rising we wanted to create awareness of the scope of this issue. But also to demonstrate our desire to create awareness in the solidarity a team.

One Billion Rising’s mission:

We hope that everyone will come to know that ending violence against women is as important as ending poverty, or Aids or global warming, that it is not a local issue nor belong to a particular culture or religion or village or age. We will come to see what is possible! That is the vision! A new consciousness!

Eve Ensler Speaks Explains One Billion Rising:

Check our video out below – us dancing outside our Crouch End store!

And if you loved those steps see us again at Belsize!

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