Our Carbon Footprint

Despite our size, we are very much a leader in the field of sustainability and we are encouraging other retailers, big and small that there is a better way. 
Over the last few years we have reduced the carbon footprint of our store dramatically. This has been achieved through a number of iniatitives. Read more…

Chillers copyWe began by initially reducing our footprint by 10% through good housekeeping. Then, we replaced all old energy hungry equipments. Still, we knew we could do more and so, we installed chiller doors! We were the first supermarket to do so – with this, we revolutionised our industry. News of our store and our chiller doors travelled far and wide with industry leaders visiting us from all over the world, including from Canada and Australia to learn from us. Initially there was a view that it would reduce sales. But we have proven it does not and others are now following our lead.

We were one of the first supermarkets in the country to introduce LED lighting – and it looks fab!

In addition to these major innovations, we have taken numerous other steps to improve our sustainability:

Encouragement of scratch cooking: through our delis, butchers, fishmongers and chef, we encourage and make it easy for customers to cook from scratch. For customers who really don’t want to do this, we have the COOK range of ready meals made by hand with no artificial ingredients; they are much better for you than most supermarket ready meals!

Organic and Fairtrade: we have a growing range of both of these and positively encourage customers to move in that direction. Approx. 15% of our produce sales are organic, way above the national average.

Battery Chickens: we no longer sell battery chicken eggs and all our hot chicken sold in-store are free range.

Meat: our butchery counter meat is all from the Rare Breed Meat Company, a family run farm in Essex.

Fish: we have a sustainable fishing policy, where all fish is graded using the Marine Conservation society grading scale. We have eliminated the least sustainable species and our fishmongers encourage customers to move towards more sustainable species.

Re-cycling for customers: we have facilities to re-cycle batteries and clothes.

Reusing carrier bags: for customers we now have facilities for you to deposit your used bags. So now you can come in, take one as you need it and cut wastage!

Loose produce: we have gradually moved toward more loose produce and reduced packaging in this area. We offer a number of other categories loose where customers can re-use packaging: water, olive oil, vinegar, Ecover washing products, grains, pulses and nuts.