Our Daily Food “Work is love made manifest.” – Our Motto

O happy folk of Crouch End !
You know that life is good
And that when you go shopping
There is no lack of food.

How generous is Crouch End !
Your streets are lined with shops,
All striving each in its way
To manage to be tops.

But one shop’s super-special.
Why so ? Well, for a start
It’s in the heart of Crouch End
And Crouch End’s in its heart.

Here’s everything you wanted,
Humble or exalted :
Those who have tried these fine wares
Know they can’t be faulted.

Global in range yet local,
Boasting Crouch End’s own best
Products and produce daily
To complement the rest.

AND – I find this amazing
Although I know it’s so –
Atop this shop’s a garden
Where veg and herbs can grow :

Manna that’s taken downstairs
To be displayed with pride.
That’s where I’m going. Why not,
Friends, join me soon inside ?