To Our Resurrected Post-Office : Welcome Home !

It’s good to know our voices have been heard
And once more the typed or hand-written word
Will circulate from here : the little touch
Of personality which means so much
When stamped and mailed to its recipient
That I’ve performed a simple sacrament
By buying, licking, sticking a stamp on
The envelope that links us in communion.
Let greetings-cards henceforth proliferate
To show we’ve not forgotten any date
Our friends remember ! May “I Love You” stand
Boldly or bashfully in our own hand –
Sent from our own Post-Office back for ever
(Fight for it !) Frankly, I feared it would never
Return despite our protests. I was wrong :
My dirge transmutes to a triumphal song.
Defeat may well be noble. Victory’s better.
I think I’ll go off now and post a letter.