Kuapa Kokoo Fairtrade Farmers give a Q&A in our Crouch End store!

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So honoured to have had the wonderful Kuapa Kokoo farmers in the store celebrating and raising awareness of Fairtrade Fortnight- a great Q&A took place in our community hub in store, thanks for coming!

Esther is one of the Kuapa Kokoo farmers, this is her story:

Esther is 28 and has been a member of Kuapa Kokoo for 8 years since she completed schooling (senior secondary). She was elected as the Recorder in her village Agyedum 6 years ago. She is also the Treasurer of Manso Amenfi, the district in Western region which is the most productive region for growing cocoa in Ghana.

She farms her 38 acre farm with her family and delivers 40 -50 sacks (around 3 tonnes) of cocoa a year. She grew up cocoa farming and wants to become an intensive cocoa farmer. There are 115 farmers in her village society, about 50 are women. They farm together, they organise themselves into two groups of about 40 and they work on a farm and then move on to another farm. They call this Nobboa.

Esther has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. At the end of the season the family gets together, looks at what they have earned and their expenses and then they calculate what is left and they plan how to spend the money together including paying for her younger sisters’ education and then dividing the money between the rest of them. She says: “We sell all our cocoa to Kuapa because it is a good company, it is democratic, it is Fairtrade, it is fair and it doesn’t cheat.”

“Kuapa has also sunk a borehole in my village which means everyone now has access to clean water. The Fairtrade premium bonus help a lot and the cutlasses are good for weeding the farm.”

Esther enjoys going to the church of Pentecost where her big brother is the Pastor, and she is in the Choir. She likes to listen to the news on the radio so that she knows what is going on in the Country.

She attended the AGM in August so that she knows what is happening in Kuapa over the year. She heard the Divine report and put the Divine Calendar poster up in her village shed. She enjoyed tasting the chocolate too!”


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