Rare Breed Meats at Thornton’s Budgens

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Rare Breed Meats at Thornton’s BudgensHoward and family

At Thornton’s Budgens, we are committed to making a positive impact on the planet and on bringing you the best and healthiest food possible.  All the meat from our butchery counter comes from the RareBreed Meat Company, a family farm in the Colne Valley, Essex. We’ve seen first hand that their animals are treated well and are given plenty of space. So, you can buy your meat knowing that the animals, as fellow creatures on this planet, have had happy lives! Better for them, better for the environment and of course, better for you – as they taste so much better!

CowWhat are Rare Breeds?

Rare breeds are the British native breeds of farm animals that once roamed our land in natural abundance. They like natural living, outdoor life and eating natural foods and when intensive farming was introduced, rare breeds struggled to adapt to modern farming methods where they were pressured to grow unnaturally quick and fatter. So, they were abandoned in favour of other breeds from Europe and North America. This led to over 20 of our native breeds becoming extinct between 1900 and 1973 and now they are rare.

Seymore at the farm copyWhy Rare Breeds

Reason 1: Because we care

We care about the welfare of animals and the planet and want to bring you, our customers, meat that reflects this.

Reason 2: They taste better.
Unlike intensively farmed animals, rare breeds are fed naturally and allowed to mature slowly, which helps develop more flavour. The result is better quality meat with succulent and authentic flavours. Rare breed meat is the preferred meat of good food connoisseurs.

Reason 3: They are healthier and therefore better for us.

PigsRare breeds are raised in a free range, stress free, caring and healthy environment. Their diets are free from GM foods, chemicals and growth enhancers such as hormones and steroids. Rare breeds are happy animals and happy animals make healthier and tastier meats.

Reason 4: They are traceable from farm to plate.

We know the farm from which our rare breed meats come. The Rare Breed Meat Company are transparent and practice good animal husbandry. Animals from the Rare Breed Meat Company are humanely slaughtered in a local family-run slaughterhouse.Sheep2

Reason 5: We eat them to keep them on the planet.

Eating rare breed meats conserves rare breed animals – without them being reared for meat they will simply die out. Rare breeds need consumers.

Some of the breeds we offer:

Angus, British White, Old Gloucester, Sussex Red, English Longhorn, Red Poll, Shorthorn, Dexter, Belted Galloway and White Park.


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