Shared Interest Talk in store! Join Us 7/3/2013

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Sally Rieth was in store talking about putting justice at the heart of trade finance. Essentially social investing. They work in wonderfully diverse ways to support lots of different types of business.

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“We form the vital link between UK social investors and fair trade organisations overseas needing finance to improve their livelihoods ”

Funds for the co operative are collected by members or account holders

These are all pooled together and used to provide credit and low interest loans to fair trade farmers and artisans in the developing world. Each loan is tailed they lend from a million dollars to just 19!!

It’s a little different to micro-finance, all these business have to be fair trade and established.

The finance is used in various ways. One example is their support of  Huatusco recently. A coffee growing co operative in Mexico.  Two large organisations had begun to buy up coffee local to Huatusco. With the price increasing Huatusco co op came under pressure. But credit from Shared Interest has allowed farmers to be payed in advanced and not be tempted to sell elsewhere and so alleviating the threat from these transnational corporations.
Check out the link to see where Shared Interest are investing

For general information on World Fair Trade Organisaion:

For more information on Fairtrade products:

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