Supporting Royal Free Hospital Children’s school

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The Royal Free Hospital Children’s School is a Special School which is located in the Royal Free Hospital.  They teach students on the paediatric wards and also students who come into Day School who are not managing in mainstream school.  These students are anxious and vulnerable and without our school would miss out on education.  They aim to reintegrate them back to their own school.

The school is very limited with space within the hospital, especially outside space, which in turn means the students generally spend most of the day in the classroom.   They are, therefore, always looking for opportunities to get students out on trips etc.  Unfortunately, this costs money so anything they can get to top up funds towards this would be gratefully received.   They have planned a residential trip this Summer to Wales for the older students which is costing £4000.

Please purchase a HOPE block for £1 in store to support this trip.

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