Changes at Crouch End: A letter from Andrew

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Dear friends and neighbours,

I am writing to thank you for your support and commitment to Thornton’s Budgens
of Crouch End, but to also regretfully share the news that after seven years running Thornton’s Budgens of Crouch End I will be selling the store back to Budgens, which will in turn hand it on to another independent retailer.
Thanks to the support of Budgens, this decision will have no impact on the terms of any member of staff’s employment and no redundancies will be made.
This decision is led by my desire to concentrate my energies on running just one store (Belsize Park) to be able to deliver on my own personal ambitions.
With so many people in our community who have helped us run fantastic programmes such as Food from the Sky and Stall4all, I wanted to take the time to explain this decision to you.
Crouch End has been described as the most competitive food retail high street in the UK. In addition to our Budgens we have a Tesco next door, a Waitrose four doors down and an M&S nearby. In spite of this, thanks to the support of each and every one of you and the hard work of our team, we have continued to trade and at a core trading level, the store remains profitable.
This has enabled us to reinvest thousands of pounds back into the community and help other small, start-up businesses in our community:
• We’ve supported over 40 ‘Made in London’ food producers, including 15 from
right here in Haringey, we have even helped a number of small food companies
get started
• Through Pennies for Plastic we have given away over £125,000 to over 40
community projects
• The launch of Food from the Sky made us the first supermarket in the world to
have its own Farm on the roof. It remains a fantastic resource for our community
to connect with food growing
• We claimed another world first when we introduced doors on our fridges. Supermarkets worldwide feared they would lose sales by doing this. We proved
them wrong and, along with our other energy saving measures such as LED
lighting and monitoring equipment Budgens Crouch End now uses almost 50%
less energy than it did three years ago. Imagine if every supermarket in the
world did that?!
• We have worked with so many of you and supported a huge range of different
organisations – far too numerous to list here! You know who you are and I really
want to say it has been amazing to have worked with you!
I am taking a well-earned (well I believe it’s well-earned!) sabbatical for three months starting mid June. Budgens will run the store whilst it looks for another independent retailer to hand the store over to. Working with local communities
and stocking local produce is the foundation of the Budgens brand and all our community initiatives and local supplier agreements will continue whilst they are running the store.
I wish you all a lovely summer and thank you again for your part on our journey
Andrew Thornton Thornton’s Budgens
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