Best Colour Windows for Red Brick House in UK 2024

best colour windows for red brick house in uk: The red brick houses were first started on a large scale in the 1960s in the UK. They became immensely popular within a short period. Back then, the colour of the houses was more dark and non-uniform.

The new age red brick houses in the UK have a lighter shade, and it is more of an orange than red. They also have a hint of the magenta colour in the modern designs. It is usually seen that the UPVC windows, which were used with white frames, are not popularly used in these houses. Here’s a list of the best window options for your red brick house.

Best Colour Windows for Red Brick House in UK

A lot of options are now available for coloured windows. There are so many choices that it can be tiring as well as time-consuming to select the best from all the available choices. Some great combinations are listed below: –

Classic White

White windows have been a part of home décor since time immemorial. They give a very classy and elegant look to the house. In modern designs, it can be used to give a traditional touch for a fusion if that suits the taste of the owners. The colour brings out the warm tone of the red bricks. 


A very modern approach to the window designs of red brick houses would be to use black windows. It creates a very bold and dramatic effect. It adds to the contrast and makes the house stand out from the rest, giving it a cultured look. It is bound to attract eyes every time you cross by the house. 

Metallic Colours

A very popular choice would be to use bronze or copper-coloured windows for red brick houses. It would add a warm and countryside look. They are excellent at bringing out the tones in the striking contrast of the colours. A very welcoming and warm ambience is created using this combination. 

Forest Green

Nothing suits better than nature itself. Using a dark shade of forest green for your red brick house would be an excellent choice. This colour would blend effortlessly and present a serene and earthly experience. It would even be better if the surroundings of the house included woods or gardens. 

Grey or Charcoal

The most neutral and vivid shades for coloured windows include grey and charcoal. It can be used to blend a lot of design settings. They create a cultured and timeless look for the lighter brick shades. They can also balance the tone in the dark red bricks, giving it a calm and warm look. 

There are many other options available for specific settings that will make your house look like it belongs to the place. As for coastal areas, a shade of blue closer to the surroundings is recommended. Stone-coloured frames complement the earthly tone of the red bricks and give it a contemporary look.

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How to Best Colour Windows for Red Brick House in UK?

Choosing a window colour can be a tough job to accomplish, but here are a few guidelines to help you choose efficiently and help in decision-making: –

Local Aesthetics

To maintain a timeless look and suit traditional and elegant preferences, mostly white or cream windows are used to blend modern designs with a classic look.  

Compliment Brick Shades

Some colours compliment and uplift the tones of the brick houses, and if the owner wants to add a Victorian touch to his house, then using metallic colours is a great choice. 

Architectural Style

The design and the insight into the periodic look of the house can affect the choice of window colours. For this, the choices of the owner matter a lot, but mostly, people stick to black or grey shades to make the house stand out. 

Natural surroundings

If your home is set near woods or gardens, then it would be a great option to blend your house with nature. Using dark or light shades of forest green or shades of blue for coastal areas can add to the home décor. This will make the house look like it belongs there. 

Regulations and Neighbourhood Approval

In many places in the UK, there are local regulations for houses, some of which even include window colours. These are imposed to create a uniform look in a locality. 

Your house is a statement of your personality. The house and its tone reflect a lot on your preferences and character. Thus, choose a colour that adds to the nature of the house, making it seem like it’s a stamen of you.

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“Best Colour Windows for Red Brick House in UK” The window colours reflect your tastes, preferences and insight into designs. It may also reflect the context of your locality or neighbourhood. Considering climatic conditions for the degradation of colour over time and taking into account the local regulations before choosing can be helpful in decision-making.

The task has been made a lot easier with the help of sample testing software and apps to get an idea about how the house looks in various combinations of window colours.

It is best to maintain the right balance between traditional and modern looks to blend easily in your locality. Window colours can add to the house’s character and charm. 

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