Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress 2024 {Best Products}

Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress 2024: Hauck Travel Cot Mattress, one of the best in the business, was introduced in the UK by the German Company. They have revolutionized the market of travel cots through online sales since it was not even popular.

With exceptional styles, quality, and unique features, Hauck Travel Cot Mattress is the best choice and has excellent value for money. It is suitable for newborns till the age of 3. It has the option to fold it into a smaller pack and insert soft planks into a bassinet. Let’s take a look at the best choices in the market.

Reviews of Four Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress

Below are the four best Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress which you can choose. These products have the highest customer rating in the market. 

Hauck Bed Me Mattress Sheet & Protector

The Bed Me quilt sheet measures 120 x 60 cm and is suitable for baby and toddler beds. It is compatible with all Hauck travel cots. The sheet can be quickly and easily pulled over the mattress thanks to the elastic border.

The sheet always stays tight, also when your child has vivid dreams. The high-quality fabric is pleasant to your baby’s sensitive skin, while the super soft quilt padding offers a comfortable sleep. Its price ranges from €15 to €18 depending on the colours and sizes. 

  • The mattress sheet cover is made of durable, easy-care materials and can be washed in the washing machine, allowing you to use it for a long time.
  • This sheet is also available in size 80 x 50 cm, suitable for smaller baby cots, cribs, and travel beds.
  • The soft fabric on top and the mesh fabric on the bottom side of the cover are breathable and act temperature-regulating. 
  • The materials used are also moisture-regulating and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

Mother Nurture Premium Foam Foldable Travel Cot Mattress

The splendidly smooth and silky fabric is hypoallergenic and soft on the skin, ensuring peaceful and sound surfaces for a wonderful sleep. The fabric draws heat and moisture from the body and provides warmth in the winter. The core provides the perfect support and firmness for a sound sleep. It is only available in 95 x 65 cm and is white. It can be easily washed in the machine. Its price is set at €31. 

  • Keep your baby supported as they grow. Nursery-grade foam cradles your baby and promotes safe sleep.
  • Made for safer sleep. Tested to the highest British Standards for flammability, performance, and safety.
  • Made in the UK. Proudly designed, tested, and manufactured at our UK site for over 20 years.
  • Foldable with a lightweight bag, it is a great portable option that can double as a playmat.

BabyDan Extra Thick Foldable Travel Mattress

This super-thick mattress offers an indulgent 4.5cm of plush padding, giving your baby greater support and luxury. The 60 x 120cm measurements are perfect for weekend trips and vacations.

BabyDan is small enough to be handy and fit right in the car along with the other luggage but still big enough to provide even older toddlers a comfy night’s sleep. One of the remarkable features of this mattress is its unique ability to be extra thick yet foldable. It is priced at €32.

  • It complies with all UK safety requirements, guaranteeing your child’s well-being throughout your travels. Your child will enjoy a restful and secure night’s sleep.
  • With a wipe-clean surface, maintaining the mattress is a breeze. Accidental spills, crumbs, or stains are quickly dealt with. Your child’s sleeping environment remains clean.
  • BabyDan is versatile enough to accommodate regular junior sheets, you won’t need to invest in specialised sheets, offering you comfort and cost-effectiveness. 
  • The mattress easily folds into three sections and has a dedicated carrier bag. The bag is designed for practicality, featuring handles that allow you to carry it easily.

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Sleeptight Travel Cot is lightweight and compact folding. It is the perfect choice for holidays, visiting friends and family, or for your own home. It is suitable from birth; the cot has a comfortable padded mattress.

It has a central locking base for extra safety as an added benefit; the side panels are see-through mesh, giving you an easy view of the child. Easy to assemble and with large mesh panels on all four sides, you can always check on the baby for peace of mind. It is priced at €37. “Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress”

  • The Sleeptight has padded top rails for when young babies start to stand up, giving an extra safety feature. 
  • Includes a mattress that is easily fitted into the base of the travel cot and can be secured with the added straps underneath. 
  • When not in use or when travelling, the Sleeptight easily folds down into a compact size and includes a handy carry strap to carry the travel cot easily.
  • Available in various colour options to suit all tastes: Black, Grey, Raspberry, and Navy shades with grey plastic trims for a classy look.

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How to Choose the Best Oyster 3 Travel System – Buying Guide

As a parent, you always want to choose the best option for your babies. There are many points to remember while selecting the best Travel Cot Mattress for your child. You must figure out what suits you and your baby the most.

The most significant thing to notice is the suitable price range. The next most important thing to notice is the features offered in that price range. The more you compare it with other competitors, the better you will understand the best option for your baby. “Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress”


Among the four best choices, the cheapest is €15, and the most expensive option is €37. This gives the parents a clear idea of the budget.


The primary concern of the purchase must be the baby’s comfort. The fabric must not cause the baby any irritation because their skin is susceptible.


The products that the parents finalise for their children must be tested by the country’s safety standards, and they must not harm the baby. 


The cot mattress must be easily foldable and lightweight to move around with the luggage without any problem.

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Best Hauck Travel Cot Mattress – Your baby means the world to you and it is up to you how you want to show the world to your baby. Providing maximum comfort and stability while travelling is the primary concern of any parent. Find the best-fit choice for you and your baby.

Choose something that has value for money. One should always go through the reviews and read the product details carefully. Matching the pros and cons against the price is the best way to choose the best fit Hauck Travel Cot Mattress for your baby. This article will help you decide by providing the best available choices in the market.

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