Dave Fishwick Net Worth 2024 – Age, Wife, Height, etc.

Dave Fishwick Net Worth: David Fishwick is a British television presenter who started in 2004 and became immensely famous in 2007. He has been in many television shows as a presenter, especially for Channel 4. He is presently one of the most famous and the richest TV presenters.

He is also a businessman since 2011. He is also the author of a bestseller novel in 2012. He founded “Burnley Savings and Loans”, the leading supplier of minibuses and mini coaches in the UK. He lives with his wife and children in Sabden, Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

He is a multimillionaire and donates to charity as much as possible. He is a great philanthropist but is very secretive about his private life and great works. He does not need praise from people for what he believes to be the responsibility of every human with the means to help.

Who is Dave Fishwick?

Dave Fishwick Net Worth – David Fishwick was born to Mr Tony Fishwick and Mrs Christine Fishwick in Lancashire, England. So, as of 2023, he is 52 years old. He belongs to the Caucasian ethnic race and follows Christianity. According to astrology, his birthdate is unknown, so that he can be a Pisces or an Aries. Also, there needs to be more information regarding his body measurements. He, however, has an older brother, Andrew Fishwick. He has brown hair but is mostly bald, with a pair of beautiful green eyes. 

David Fishwick is a very tight-lipped person when it comes to her private life. He likes to keep it low-key and secretive from the media. For a long time, he was able to keep the information related to his educational background away from the reach of the media. He went to Edge End High, Nelson, for education but dropped out of school at the mere age of 16. He was just eager and impatient to wait to make more money. 

He came to the limelight in 2011 when he founded “Burnley Savings and Loans”. His business is now the biggest minibus supply chain in the UK. A big share of his profits is usually donated to various charities anonymously. He authored the bestseller book 2012, “Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks”.

He also presented TV shows on Channel 4 like – “How to Get Rich Quick”, “David Fishwick: Loan Ranger”, “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” and “The Shoppers Guide to Saving Money”. He got the idea to set up his bank after the great financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Besides everything, he is also a great husband and father. 

A Quick Profile of Dave Fishwick Net Worth

Name Dave Fishwick Net Worth
Birth DateMarch, 1971
BirthplaceLancashire, England
Alma MaterEdge End High, Nelson
Marital StatusMarried
Wife’s NameNicola Fishwick
Father’s NameTony Fishwick
Mother’s NameChristine Fishwick
SiblingsAndrew Fishwick
ChildrenSarah and Connor
Net Worth (2023)Approx. $27 million
SpouseNicola Fishwick
Social MediaTwitter Instagram
ProfessionEntrepreneur, TV Presenter and Author
EducationLeft school
Zodiac SignPisces or Aries
Year Active2011-Present

David Fishwick’s Age & Birthday

David Fishwick was the second child of Mr Tony Fishwick and Mrs Christine Fishwick in Lancashire, England. So, as of 2023, he is 52 years old. He belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity religiously. According to astrology, his birthdate is unknown, so that he can be a Pisces or an Aries.

Also, there needs to be more information regarding his body measurements. He is, however, spotted partially in shape and fit. He also has an older brother, Andrew Fishwick. He has brown hair but is mostly bald, with a pair of beautiful green eyes.

He is not very open to the media regarding his personal life and prefers to maintain a lowkey life away from the glory of the media. Not much information regarding his personal life is available in the public domain. However, sources found that his father, Tony Fishwick, worked two jobs simultaneously. Tony worked as a field labourer on his first shift at 4:30 in the morning.

Then he worked as a Mill Supervisor post afternoon. His mother, Christine Fishwick, worked in the same mill as a weaver. It took a lot of work for them to make ends meet. But their hard work has paid off, and now their son Dave is a multi-millionaire. 

What is Dave Fishwick’s net worth?

David Fishwick, the British TV presenter, Author and Entrepreneur, has been a notable celebrity since 2011 till now. He left school at 16, impatient to make money quickly. He started by acting as a labourer to a builder. He started auctioning cars traded by local dealers and kept the profits from the predetermined prices during negotiation.

From there, he established a billion-dollar empire that supports the entire nation. Within six months, his company – “Burnley Savings and Loans” made a profit of more than € 10,000, all of which was donated to local charities. Dave Fishwick Net Worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be around $27 million. 

Dave Fishwick house

David Fishwick and his family stay in a great mansion about 6 miles from his childhood home. It is situated in Sabden, Ribble Valley, Lancashire. They get a magnificent view of the Ribble Valley from their house. His wife Nicole is a biochemist, and their two children, Sarah and Connor, serve their roles as Cops in the Police Department of the State. 

Dave Fishwick’s professional career?

Dave Fishwick Net Worth – David still needs to complete his school education and leave it before receiving a degree. He was too full of plans to make money and help others to make money. He was a born entrepreneur who had to start working towards the goal by then.

He worked as a construction labourer and then began a small business venture to auction cars traded by local dealers. He used to keep the profits from the predetermined prices. After that, about 12 years ago, he decided to start a community bank for people to fulfil their dreams. It was named “Bank of Dave”, which was also mentioned in the show on Channel 4 “Bank of Dave”, which also featured “Burnley Savings and Loans”. 

His loan venture helped people obtain loans that could help them fulfil their dreams when they were refused help from the banks. Channel 4 even released a documentary on Dave Fishwick – “Bank of Dave”, but nothing from his personal life was ever mentioned. The documentary was released in the form of three episodes. 

His Tv Career

He is also a famous television personality on Television. He was a TV presenter for Channel 4 shows that revolved around money management. He did this to provide other people insight into how he uses his money to become rich.

His popular Channel 4 shows include “How to Get Rich Quick” in 2018, “Bank of Dave” in 2012, and “Dave: Loan Ranger” in 2014. He also worked for shows on BBC One and CNBC USA. His other plays include – “The Shoppers Guide to Saving Money” in 2015 and “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” in 2015. 

He is also the renowned author of the bestselling book – “Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks” in 2012. This book was the basis on which the documentary was made. He created the 2020 show “Your Money and Your Life”. Two times, he was the receiver of the BAFTA grants and the RTS (Royal Television Society) winner.

Apart from this, he also donated a major share of the “Burnley Savings and Loans” profits to various local charities. No matter how much he has already achieved, he still works hard and always remembers his roots and how he became what he is today. He is a person who is an inspiration to all, and he makes people believe that they can succeed, too. “Dave Fishwick Net Worth”

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Is Dave Fishwick married?

Dave Fishwick Net Worth: David Fishwick is happily married to Nicola Fishwick. She is a biochemist, and they have been married for 28 years as of 2023, indicating they were married somewhere around 1995. They are said to have met about three decades ago for the first time.

They met in a garage while Dave was still developing his business ideas. She has always been supportive of him, and she always kept him grounded despite all the success he had achieved. They also have been blessed with two beautiful kids in their marriage – Sarah and Connor. Currently, he stays with his wife and children in Sabden, Ribble Valley, Lancashire. Their kids now play the role of responsible citizens by working in the police department. 

What is the movie Bank of Dave about?

The 2023 British biographical film “Bank of Dave” accurately portrays the life and struggles of David Fishwick when he started his enterprise back in 2011. The film mainly focuses on how he became a self-made millionaire from a small town in Lancashire.

It portrays the real-life experiences of David. He fought with the established Elite Financial Institutions in London to get the first banking license in over 100 years. The film shows the success of building the community bank and brings out his philanthropic side.

According to an interview, Dave liked the movie and said it inspired and motivated him to work harder to be useful to society. It stars Rory Kinnear as Dave and Jo Hartley as Nicola Fishwick. Netflix acquired the rights to the film, and Chris Foggin directed it under Tempo Productions Limited and Igneous Media. Matt Williams produced the film. This story is the perfect example of “rag to riches”. “Dave Fishwick Net Worth”

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David Fishwick’s Wife’s Details

About three decades ago, in 1995, David Fishwick tied the knot with his beloved wife, Nicola Fishwick. In their 28 years of wonderful married life, they have been blessed with two beautiful kids, Sarah and Conner.

He taught his kids the value of virtue and the responsibility towards society. His kids joined the Police department as Cops to play their part in the interest of the common good. He lives with his family in a Sabden mansion overlooking the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, England. 


Dave Fishwick Net Worth: David Fishwick is a proud parent of two children, Sarah and Conner Fishwick, and they live happily near Ribble Valley, Lancashire. He is the perfect example that people can achieve anything if they want to and have the will to try hard for it.

He has struggled a lot and faced hard times for a long period. Despite everything, he overcame all difficulties and succeeded in life. From being a school dropout at 16 and working as a construction labourer, he has become one of the most famous and richest TV presenters ever. He is the epitome of success caused by dedication and hard work.

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FAQs – Dave Fishwick Net Worth

Below are the most asked questions related to the topic. Drop down to get your quick answers.

How did David Fishwick make his money?

David Fishwick made money mostly with his business venture, now worth almost a billion dollars. He also earned from the television shows he presented on Channel 4 and BBC One and the royalty from his bestseller novel.

What is Dave Fishwick doing now?

Dave is still working at Burnley Savings and Loans to ensure the firm’s growth, and he is also fighting for the reforms necessary in the financial establishment and banking system. He also works on shows to provide people with education about money management. 

Is Bank of Dave a billionaire?

Bank of Dave is a billion-dollar company; most of its profits are donated to local charities. His net worth is estimated at around $27 million as of 2023. He is a millionaire, but to be a billionaire, more expansion of the business ventures is needed. 

Is Dave Fishwick still with his wife?

It has been 28 years of togetherness for David and Nicola Fishwick. They also have two children, Sarah and Connor, who work as Cops. Dave and his wife live together near the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, England.

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