Best Security Locks for Ford Transit Custom {New 2024}

Best Security Locks for Ford Transit Custom: Using Security locks for Ford Transit Custom is an excellent way to secure your van door. It gives you a peaceful mind every time you use them.

Now, there are various types of security locks available for Ford Transit customs. For example, Deadlock, Hook Lock, Anti-Peel kits, etc. Each type has different features and benefits for your door van. 

Similarly, there are various manufacturers available for these security locks. That’s why it is challenging to pick the best one. But don’t worry, this guide gives you the top 4 Best security locks for Ford Transit custom.

We specify the list by user review, features, and demand. So keep reading the guide and pick the Best security locks for Ford Transit customs in the UK.

Maypole High Security Van Door Lock

Our first High-Security Van Door lock comes from the Maypole brand. This is a key unlock security system for your Ford Transit Custom. The lock is made from strong chrome material that lasts years without corrosion. Maypole High-Security Van Door Lock follows the highest standards of construction to maintain a potent vehicle security system.

  • Heavy-duty door lock system for vans, garages, and sheds.
  • Chrome-plated construction carries rust-resistant capabilities.
  • Anti-pick lock mechanism ensures the highest level of security.
  • Easy to assemble and carry two additional keys for the lock. 

Kaypart Lock Security

If you want security locks specifically for Ford Transit customs, try Kaypart Lock Security. This deadbolt system is specially designed for Ford Transit Custom Drivers Door. The product is made of metal alloy, which is a mixture of copper and zinc, especially used in locks, gears, and others. 

  • Durable Stainless steel body ensures long-lasting results.
  • For maximum security, the lock carries anti-drill, pick, and bump-resistant qualities. 
  • Easy to fit in your door van without drilling or modification.

Milenco Van Rear Or Sliding Door External Keyed Lock 

Our third-best security locks for Ford Transit custom come from the Milano brand. This is a Van Rear Or Sliding Door Exterior Keyed Lock solution for users. The lock is specially designed to secure the van’s rear doors and sliding doors. You can also use the lock on van motorhome conversions. 

  • Easy to fit on a van door using the stick-on template.
  • Push to open masochism makes it easier to use.
  • Made from strong alloy material. 
  • The chrome-plated cover prevents rust and corrosion. 

RLOX Pedal Lock

Our final Ford Transit custom security lock is the RLOX Pedal Lock. The deadbolt follows the Pedal Lock mechanism that secures the steering wheel and the brake pedal of your van. RLOX Pedal Lock cover with a complete stainless steel body, which is much more durable than most materials. 

  • According to data, this pedal lock is installed in hundreds of vans across the UK.
  • The lock is applicable on Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes Sprinter, and VW crafters.
  • On every purchase, you get an extra free 70mm Padlock.
  • The lock mechanism focuses on slowing down thieves.

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Buying Guide – Best security locks for Ford Transit Custom

Above, we give you the four best security locks for your van. Each type has a different design price and benefits. You should select the best one according to your needs. Still, it is difficult to choose one of them when you have no idea about these locks. That’s why follow the vital considerations when buying security locks for Ford Transit Customs.

Type of lock

There are various types of security locks available for Ford Transit custom, including deadlocks, slam locks, and pedal box locks. Each type has different lock mechanisms, features, and benefits. Besides, there is also a price difference between each type.

Some people prefer deadbolt locks because they follow a cylinder lock system, which is strong and secure. Additionally, people also prefer Hook Lock, which is a great replacement for Ford Transit custom locks. 

Security levels

Depending on your lock type, security levels vary. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) measures lock security from grade 1 to grade 3. Grade 1 lock solutions are considered the most powerful, while grade 3 are considered the least. So before selecting your security lock, ensure their grades from the product manual.


Thirdly, you should ensure the lock system is easy to install. However, all our recommendations come with an easy manual guide for setup on your Ford Transit Custom. Still, only some types of lock systems are easier to install, including deadbolts, padel, etc.


Finally comes a factor price which depends on your budget. Each security lock includes a different price range. Some locks come within the $50 price range, while few locks charge above $100. The price of your security locks depends on brand, type, and mechanism.

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“Best Security Locks for Ford Transit Custom” So above are the top 4 Best security locks for Ford Transit Custom. Each of our recommendations has the highest number of reviews and best-selling lock systems in the UK.

As a reminder, the Maypole High-Security Van Door Lock is our top pick for heavy-duty and anti-pick lock systems. Our second best security lock is Kaypart Lock Security for a durable stainless steel body and easy installation.

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