Charles Bronson Net Worth Prisoner 2023: Who is Charles Bronson and why is he in prison?

Charles Bronson Net Worth Prisoner: Charles Arthur Salvador is most popularly known as Charles Bronson. He is known for his misdeeds and criminal record in his past. He has a violent and disturbing life as a prisoner and is now one of the famous British criminals.

He has spent his life mostly in high-security psychiatric prisons for his unstable criminal acts. Knowing about this guy here is only going to terrify you even more. He threatens his inmates, and his behavior is unacceptable in certain situations.

Who is Charles Bronson?

Charles Bronson is a notorious criminal often called “Britain’s most violent prisoner.” In Britain. His record stated that his real name was Michael Gordon Peterson, but later, he adopted the name Charles Bronson. This name was adopted as an homage to the American actor known for his strong-guy role.

Bronson gained an ill reputation for his violent and consistent behavior inside and outside the prison. Over the past years, Bronson has been involved in numerous legal battles to secure his release and challenge his imprisonment conditions.

However, his efforts to be released on parole have greatly disappointed him, given his violent history. Charles Bronson has managed to improve his records and become a celebrity status in the UK, with books and movies made about his life. Actor Tom Hardy portrayed him in a 2008 biographical film, “Bronson.”

Quick Profile of Charles Bronson Net Worth

NameCharles Bronson Net Worth
Other NameCharles Arthur Salvador
Birth Date6th December 1954.
Birth PlaceLuton, England
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment 
Criminal StatusIncarcerated
SpouseIrene KelseyFatema Saira RahmanPaula Williamson. 
ChildrenSon (Michael Jonathan Peterson)
EducationPasadena Playhouse
Height5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Net worth$12.5 million

What is Charles Bronson Net Worth?

Charles Bronson, whose real name is Michael Gordon Peterson, is a notorious criminal known for his violent actions and numerous convictions. He has spent significant time in prison due to his crimes and disruptive behavior.

However, it’s essential to note that the reported Charles Bronson Net Worth of $12.5 million may not be accurate, and his financial situation can be difficult to confirm due to his criminal history and the nature of his activities. Please be cautious when relying on such figures, as they may only be somewhat reliable. He is said to have achieved his net worth through mischief and criminal activities.

However, his net worth is $65 million, which is the average worth of a famous person. In addition, he also sold his artworks and spent most of his time writing books which were published. 

Charles Bronson’s Personal Life

Charles Bronson was born on December 6, 1952, in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. He grew up in a working-class family and had a somewhat troubled childhood. As a young man, he was involved in various criminal activities, including armed robbery. He legally changed his name to Charles Bronson, inspired by the American actor Charles Bronson, known for his tough-guy movie roles. 

This change was a symbolic representation of the brutal and violent persona he adopted. Bronson has been married several times while in prison. In 1970, he married Irene Dunroe, and they had a son named Michael Jonathan Peterson.

This marriage ended in divorce. In 2001, Bronson married Fatema Saira Rahman while in prison. She was an actress who appeared in a documentary about him. Their marriage attracted media attention, but they later divorced.

Bronson has had a complex personal life, with numerous relationships and marriages, many of which occurred while he was in prison. These relationships have often been the subject of tabloid and media coverage. While in prison, Bronson pursued creative interests, including art and writing. He has written numerous books and has created artwork that has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions. 

A history of criminality, violent behavior, and numerous conflicts with prison authorities marks Charles Bronson’s life. As mentioned earlier, his persona and actions have garnered a degree of notoriety and attention in the UK, leading to media coverage and even a biographical film about his life. His life story remains a complex and often troubling one. “Charles Bronson Net Worth”

Charles Bronson family

Speaking about Cole’s family history, it is a bit complicated to understand. According to the prison reports, he was born in England in 1952. His Mother’s name is Eire Peterson, and his Father’s is Joe Peterson. He had two spouses named Fatema Saira Rahman and Irene Kelsey. He has one sibling, Mark Peterson, and One child named Michael Jonathan Peterson. 

He never got a chance to enjoy a peaceful life with his son and wife. He was imprisoned at the age of 22. Charles kept on indulging in criminal activities. After getting a medical check-up, the doctor said he had an antisocial personality disorder. Thus, he couldn’t spend much time with his family. 

Charles Bronson’s early life and illegal activities

Charles Bronson Net Worth: In 1974, at the age of 22, he was first arrested for petty crimes such as robbery of armed weapons. Later, his sentence was extended for assaulting and harming the guards and prisoner staff. When he was later released in 1987, she started his career of bare boxing in the East End of London.

Charles tended to be violent and aggressive, which caused him extreme trouble throughout his life. Speaking about his passions, he is an explicit writer who has written several books which were also published. In Wandsworth, he poisoned a prisoner in the cell and was moved to Parkhurst prison in 1976.

He was one of the famous prisoners, a gym freak, and his books about exercising and physical health. He also wrote several books about his life in a prison cell and spoke about his deeds. In addition, he is an artist who has painted several portraits and illustrations of prison and psychiatric hospital life, which have been exhibited and have won several awards for such achievements. 

Ethnicity, religion & political views

Charles Bronson Was born on December 6, 1952, in England. His Birth sign is Sagittarius, a poet, boxer, painter, and writer. He was born in the United Kingdom. His religion, ethnicity, and political views have not been disclosed anywhere.

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About Charles Bronson

Below is a quick discussion of Charles Bronson Net Worth. 

Charles Bronson prisoner art for sale

Bronson used his time in prison to engage in art and writing. He has published several books, and his artwork has been exhibited. Some have viewed his creative works as a form of therapy and a way for him to channel his energy.

Charles Bronson children

Charles Bronson has one child, according to the survey. His name is Michael Jonathan Peterson. In some interviews, his son stated that they were not blood-related, and they faked their relationship for a six-month publicity stunt. This report still needs to be confirmed. He stated, “Charles Bronson is not my father. I am a PR Agent’, says George Bamby.

How did Charles Bronson make his money?

He was primarily engaged in Criminal activities and acquired his wealth by robbing and doing petty crimes. Later, he started his career by writing books about life in a prison cell and fitness in a limited space. He became famous in the long run. 

Michael Jonathan Peterson’s net worth

Micheal Jonathan is an American who used to write novels and is a convicted criminal. His net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousand. A movie was released on Netflix about his wife, Kathleen Peterson, who died in an incident. He is currently 80 Years Old and is one of the Richest Author celebrities. 

Does Charles Bronson’s prisoner have a son?

Yes, Charles Bronson’s Prisoner has a son named Michael Jonathan Peterson. In contrast, his son stated that they faked this relationship for public attention and to be famous. No such facts have been reported to be the truth. He also added he made loads of money faking himself as Clarle’s son.

Charles Bronson free

Sadly, Charles Bronson passed away at the age of 70. The parole Board declined the request for imprisonment after he abducted a prison teacher as his hostage. He was diagnosed with an antisocial Personality disorder, causing him to be impatient and violent. 

Charles Bronson wife

He has three spouses. He was married to a woman named Irene Kelsey from the year 1972 to 1975. From 2001 to 2005, he was engaged to Fatema Saira Rehman. And later, from 2017 to 2019, he married Paula Williamson. 

Is Charles Bronson still alive?

It has not been disclosed or said to be confirmed that he has died. The reports still lay under the shadow of doubts. Charles is currently 70 years old, born on December 6th, 1954.


The life of the famous Charles Bronson prisoner is highly complicated. He has committed petty crimes and serious crimes, which also include harming the inmates as well as the staff. He was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, which caused him to engage in violence. He was not permitted to be free from jail life as some of his crimes were intolerable by the prole.

Thus, they kept denying each of his bail after such incidents. Even though he was a person filled with violence, he wrote books about exercise and strength in limited space. He was also interested in painting and illustrating portraits of prisons, which were exhibited and auctioned in several events. 

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FAQS – Charles Bronson Net Worth

Below are the most asked questions related to Charles Bronson Net Worth. Drop down to get your quick answers.

Where is Charles Bronson’s prisoner now?

Charles Bronson prisoner is currently in Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes. He was taken into custody at the age of 22 in 1974. The past years have shown the records that he was highly notorious and attempted to harm the jail staff.

How much is Charles Bronson’s artwork worth?

Charles Bronson is a British contemporary artist who was born in 1954. His paintings and illustrations of prison have been displayed in several auctions and exhibitions. His artwork ranges from 180 USD to 1,201 USD, depending on the size of his art or portrait.

How tall was Charles Bronson’s prisoner?

Charles Bronson’s prisoner is about 1.79 m tall. This information about his height may need to be more accurate. It may vary. He is said to be extremely strong as he was a strength freak and wrote several books about exercise.

Is Charles Bronson still living?

The news about Charles Bronson’s living is not mentioned anywhere. However, even if he is alive, he should be 70 by now.

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