Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained: Who Sends the Letter to Assane?  

Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained: Lupin is a masterpiece George Kay created about Arsene Lupin’s adventure. It brings out the role of the iconic character who’s out avenging his father’s misfortune forced by a wealthy family. It is a suspense, mystery, and heist collection, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. It retails the French story about the world-famous mastermind thief and the master of disguise. 

Speaking about the Lupin part 3, recently released on Netflix on Thursday 5th October 2023. Lupin’s first episode was released on 8th January 2021. It is an exciting and entertaining chain of episodes filled with mystery and adventure. The writers of Lupin are Maurice Leblanc (A French Novelist and Writer), George Kay, Francois, Uzan, Florent Meyer, Marie Roussin, and Tigran Rosine. 

Everything about Lupin in part three and the details related to this Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained. 

Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained Casts 

The main character in ‘Lupin’, Assane Diop is played by Omar Sy, and the junior version of Assane Diop is played by Mamadou Haidara. The actors in Lupin are Adama Niane (as Leonard), Soufiane Guerrab (as Yourself Guedira), and Etan Simon (as Raoul). besides there are Herve Pierre (as Hubert Pellegrini), Antoine Gouy (as Benjamin Ferel), Kiyoshi Kobayashi (as Daisuke Jigen), Vincent Londez (as Captain Romaine), Fargass Assande (as Babakar).

On the other hand, the female actress in Lupin is Shrine Boutella, who acted as the Police lieutenant named Sofia Belkacem. Ludmilla Makowski as Claire, Ludivine Sagnier as Claire, Clotilde Hesme as Juliette Pellegrine, and Leona Bonneau as the teenage version of Jeune Julliette Pellegrini. “Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained”

Spoiler Alert

To settle the matter, Claire and Raoul, the main character, formed a plan to get them out of France. Lupin was created in its original language, French. In the previous season, Lupin has proven that his father was not the actual criminal. Assane Diop is a modern-day gentleman thief inspired by the fictional character.

In this series, Assane appears to use his intelligence and strength to carry out an important mission to seek revenge on those who persecuted his father. He planned an elaborate heist, which included plenty of risks and could even make him a criminal. 

Arsene Lupin went hiding for now, leaving his family behind until the matter was settled and calm. The media and society’s attention were intensified on his doings, making it difficult for his family, Claire and Raoul. Later in the series, Lupin realized he needed to take care of these situations for the well-being of his family.

The series ‘Lupin’ has gained immense popularity from the crowd for its twisted plots, clever heists, and character creations. Now that the Gentleman burglar has returned, it brings more excitement and thrilling adventures in the following scenes, later in the episode (Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained) below. 

Why did Lupin return?

He had to hide himself till it was the right time to return. With the return of Lupin, it makes the episode worth watching. Now that he has proved to the world that his father wasn’t a criminal, he has several other businesses to care for.

In the presiding episodes in part three, Lupin is recognized as the most haunted fugitive in France. Later in the scene, Lupin had to return to his ex-wife Claire and his son Raoul, devising an explicit plan to move out from darkness. 

The mystery of Lupin’s death

In this episode (Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained), ” In this situation, Assane has been living in hiding after his nemesis, Hubert Pellegrini, was taken into custody. He misses his wife, Claire, and son, Raoul, but he knows that returning to them could put their safety at risk due to his fugitive status.

Assane has faced media perusal, and legal actions against him have been taken for his doings. Later in the scenes, he returns to Paris with the sole motive to protect his family. However, the threat to them remains as long as he is alive and considered a fugitive. 

The storyline is creating tension and excitement for which Lupin fans cannot wait anymore to watch this season. Later, the episodes staged for Assane’s return to confront the challenges he faces and to ensure the safety of his loved ones hyped the viewer’s interest.

“Lupin” is popularly known for its clever plot twists and thrilling adventures. This scene is likely that Assane’s journey will involve intricate heists and an unpredictable plot as he tries to out-think his opponents and clear his name.

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The chemistry between Clare and Assane

Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained: As the series moves further, it has been seen that Lupin fakes his death. However, on the other side, his wife Clare was unsure about the news of Assane’s death. The doubt made her investigate the situation herself, leading her to Assane’s closest mate, Benjamin.

Benjamin kept emphasising that she had to pick herself together and accept that Assange was dead. Clare did not want to admit anything as such had happened. Thus, she forced him simultaneously to flush out the exact scenario.

Now that she is well aware that Assane is not dead, her realization intensifies when she discovers that the coach of Raoul’s basketball team resembles Assane. This storyline in this Season revolves around suspense, deception, and the search for truth.

In the closing moments of Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained, Assane returns from his fake death and prioritizes keeping his promise to Guedira. He decides to report himself to the police for the well-being and safety of his people when he could have a potential love reunion with Claire and his family.

His actions likely added a layer of complexity to the character and raised more questions about his motivations and values. It represented a powerful and impactful way to end the Season. 

What did Jean Luc Keller desire from Assane?

The plot intensifies when Assane’s mother tries to reach out to him. In this scenario, Assane’s mother, Mariama, has been kidnapped. Later in the scene, the kidnappers make contact with Assane, who knows he’s alive.

They’ve demanded that Assane steal a black pearl and a famous painting called “Chez Tortoni,”. Assane successfully retrieved the painting but was unsure about the kidnapper’s motives and desires.

In the following parts, it has been seen that kidnappers’ desires and wants keep growing. They then present Assane with a more challenging task: stealing a priceless sapphire bracelet owned by Tera Xang. It belonged to the wife of a real estate developer, Max Moller.

However, all these tasks aside, the kidnappers state Assane will make a difficult sacrifice, testing the will of Assane and how far he’s willing to go to save his mother. “Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained”


Lupin is a web series that was originally released on Netflix in 2023. It’s a perfect series for you if you love plots on heists and intelligence. The scriptwriters and directors have perfectly blended the act of intelligence and conciseness.

These plot twists, mixed with more thrills and daring deeds, were reflected in Assane’s character, making it more interesting and eye-catching. It highlighted the moral dilemmas and difficulties in making choices in such situations. As the scene proceeds, he faces several hurdles as he attempts to rescue his mother.

The series “Lupin” is known for its magnificent heists and complex plots, and appears that Assane will continue to navigate a web of challenges and overcome the hurdles with his sharp intelligence to get justice for his family and father. 

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FAQs – Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained

Below are the most asked questions related to the Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained. Drop down to get your quick answers.

Did Clare and Assane meet at the end?

Clare was not sure of Assane’s death. Later, when she learned the truth, she intended to reach the coach in disguise for him. Ultimately, He handed himself to the police despite having the faith to reunite with his loved ones.

Will there be any season 4?

Netflix still needs to confirm any upcoming seasons of Lupin. However, it’s been expected that there will be a return season. George Kay had intentionally revealed that this show has a long way to go. 

Who is Assane’s Wife?

Claire Laurent, who acted as Ludivine Sagnier, played the part of Assane’s wife. Assane and Claire had a child, of whom Claire has full custody. 

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